chic comfort

I can remember back when I was 5 years old, watching my mom get ready to go out with my dad and rummaging through her treasure chest of costume jewelry picking out what I wanted her to wear. Granted she may not have worn the colored plastic hoops I had an affinity for, but she let my curiosity for color and texture go and I think secretly enjoyed me ogling over her spansive style.

As I got older, my love of fashion grew, as once again my mother, encouraged my interest and let me join her at her weekly sewing club with a neighbor and a few friends.  I was so impressed with the creations that these women would make that I was instantly inspired to create along with them.  I was in 4th grade when I made my first outfit. It’s embarrassing to think about it now, it’s pale pink color with abstract colored shapes printed all over it: a pair of elastic waist shorts and an asymmetrical open back short sleeve top that I wore until it no longer fit. But it was such an indescribable feeling to make something from a piece of fabric come to life. It was definitely my mom who I owe my love of fashion to and, through her, I had such a strong support system encouraging me to follow my dreams.

I took sewing classes in high school. From there, my path continued to Marist College, where I majored in design and minored in merchandising. Some of my favorite memories are with my best friends in the fashion lab listening to music, talking about life, and finishing our projects with hours to spare.

After I graduated, I was really fortunate to have a job lined up in NYC with a woman’s cocktail separates company. The designer was like a mother figure to me. She took me under her wing and taught me everything about fashion and life in NYC. This experience more than justified spending my entire earnings on a crowded 3 bedroom apartment with 4 roommates.

I met my husband through another designer in our company and, soon after, made a change to men’s sportswear. While fashion was still what I ate, slept and breathed, I was ready for a transition in life from the wild hours I was working in my career to starting a family.

I’ve been a stay at home mom to our daughter Chloe, 4 ½ and Ethan 3 ½ and I now look at fashion in a more relaxed light. Whether it’s dressing our kids, going shopping in the few hours I have for free time, or browsing through Pinterest style boards, it’s something that I need to keep me going. I love discovering a great deal, learning about a new designer and supporting small boutiques.

I hope I can inspire some of you with these future blog posts, to not take your style so seriously, help you find bargains, open up your comfort level to maybe the next height of heel, or just take your mind off of your busy life. Thank you for welcoming me into a part of your day.

After all,  you’re my inspiration.

Xo, Elana Nanscawen