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standing reflectionSometimes the fashion gods send a sign, and for 2 items in this outfit, I felt like I was given the "you need to buy this" sign. Platform, one of my favorite boutiques in Hoboken, brought in a great collection and did a sort of "pop up shop" with an Australian label, Pink Stitch. I had never heard of this label before but I'm a sucker for almost anything Aussie (except vegemite!)  and fell in love with this houndstooth black bobby coat. (Grab one for yourself here!) Perfect for layering under a long wool coat, or on it's own on a milder fall day, this will quickly become your go to favorite piece.

must have!Now, let's talk about these booties. The sweet sales associate at Nordstrom brought them out in a pink box with a drawing of unicorn and rainbow printed on the box. "If my daughter were here, she would go crazy over this box", I said to the sales associate. I then opened the lid and in the bottom of the box was a printed write up of an AUSTRALIAN girl named CHLOE who won a contest to design the boxes for Jeffery Campbell. I thought maybe Nordstrom had someone in the back putting boxes together that would influence potential customers into purchasing items, genius. The combination of the shoe, box design, and story made this a must have purchase. They will give any outfit a bit more edge, and I promise you will almost feel like a super hero wearing them. Thanks Jeffery Campbell for once again designing such a fun shoe. (grab yourself a pair on sale here!!)

sharp bling

You might recognize this necklace from an old post from last winter - Cinnamon Buns and Apple Juice. Zara continues to wow me with their accessories. Here and here are some styles you might also like.

keep going

seeing red

 All Images by Danielle Guenther Photography

Outfit details: Jacket- Pink Stitch at Platform Boutique, Jeans- Current and Elliot on sale here, Booties- Jeffery Campbell here, Necklace- (old) Zara,  Tee- Nordstrom Rack, Clutch- (Old) Zara but you might like this one!